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The Oryza Group is committed to provide cleared, qualified and experienced personnel to our customers, ensuring the highest quality of onsite administrative, professional and technical support services. Our goal is to ensure project success and total continuity of services in satisfying all applicable requirements. We achieve this through continual improvement of everything we do.

As the original managing member and president Leland Rice named the company The Oryza Group. The word ‘Oryza’ comes from the ‘Latin’ translation for ‘Rice.’ The word ‘Group’ is defined as a clutch, set, assembly, collection or team. The intent behind the name is to identify a group of professionals who personify our profession with the highest level of skills, abilities, and passion in serving our country.

Our Logo:


Simple, but meaningful.

Although the wording is nothing out of the ordinary, our ‘bird’ reference means a great deal to us. The bird ‘silhouette’ actually represents a geese formation. We chose the goose as a symbol for its fortitude and forever supporting nature. A goose has qualities that we hold near and dear to our beliefs in everyday life.

Did you know you will rarely, if ever, see a goose flying by itself?

Geese are continually supportive of the flock, lifting each other up to continue on in their pursuits. Geese fly in formation to extend their capabilities over what they would have as individuals. As a group in formation, geese can extend their range upwards of 70% over an individual bird.

You may hear geese as they fly continuously ‘honking’ and wonder why. The continuous conversation they have is to recognize within the group who is strong, who is weak, who is fading, who can lead, who must follow, and adjust to those individual’s needs – as a group.

Did you know geese will never leave an individual alone? Studies have shown when a goose is wounded, injured, shot, or disabled, another goose will always remain with that goose for support and protection until it is able to fly again; in which they will rejoin their original or another group, or die; in which the remaining goose will join another group.

These and many other traits of geese are traits we at the Oryza Group believe in and feel can be applied to our approach in business and everyday life.

If you ever visit our office space, you will see instances throughout the office of geese as a reminder that we work as a team, supporting each other, never leaving another behind, and communicating to better the group as a whole.

Painted by Gail Rice-Morris.

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